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for Anyone and Everyone

Sell tickets. Create a registration form. Sell merchandise. Anyone can do it. It’s easy.

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How does it work?

Create a profile

Create a personal and organization profile. We need to know who you are so we can collect the money for you. It’s free to set up.

Create your order form

Make your order form. Collect money for anything and create a form that gets all the info you need and want. Then share your order form via email, link or within your existing website.

Track orders and collect your money

As orders come in we keep the money securely for you. Request it whenever you want and we send it directly to your associated bank account.


Sell anything or collect dues or ticket costs from your team, your church, your school or any one person or group. It’s as easy as uploading a photo with a description and a price. For those looking for additional function, consider store functions that include inventory management, flexible form building to gather data and “pre-sell” which collects interest in a product before collecting any payment at all.

Who should use E-Commerce for Anyone?

Teams, Clubs, Groups and Organizations

You’ll love the built-in fundraising tools, automatic payment processing, and ease of use of the platform. It’s the easiest platform to start selling anything to any person or group of people.

Dealers, Brands, Retailers and Manufacturers

Brand E-CommerceAnyone as your own platform. Simplify group ordering. Manufacturers and dealers partner with us to scale their businesses for MUCH less cost. We help build custom forms, process large payment volumes and manage multiple group orders more effectively.

Why use E-Commerce for Anyone Versus the Others?

Share it

Put the order form and store anywhere you want it. Some of our customers put the order form right on their website, others share it as a link and many like to email it to their team, club or group. Get it all in one place and use it however you’d like.

Secure and Private

Payments are collected via credit card using secure technology. All transactions are verified and take place using secure internet protocols.

Made for Mobile

People buy from their phones and tablets. We build for these devices and for desktops. While you’ll want to build your form or store from the desktop, we make sure your customers can transact from whatever device they have.

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